Cold War

How The Cold War Nuclear Arms Race Affected The World
© 2021 by Lee Russell

These articles explore factual accounts of situations related to the Cold War era and the New Cold War which is now emerging. Factual sources are referenced throughout unless the information is commonly known and clearly in the public domain. Personal opinions, when expressed, are the author’s reaction to factual Cold War / New Cold War events. Readers may not agree with those opinions, but they are not intended to be obscene, blasphemous, unlawful, defamatory or libellous.

Cover (c) Lee J. Russell, 2021 – all rights reserved

These articles present some key facts and stories from the Cold War, both to ensure that they are still talked about and to provide context for the New Cold War which seems to have already started.

I have very strong memories of the closing years of the First Cold War. For a teenager growing up in those times, the news was full of reports about anti-nuclear protests by CND, the Falklands War, the Reagan Administration’s “Star Wars project” (ie SDI) , social uprisings in Eastern Europe, the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification.

Films like ‘When the Wind Blows’, ‘The Day After’ and ‘Threads’ had shown just how devastating a nuclear war would be. I remember news reports of US Cruise Missile launchers prowling the UK countryside on manoeuvres, practicing for the day that they might need to rain nuclear hell on the USSR. ‘The World’ seem like a very dangerous place…it was… and it still is.

I hope these articles inspire your own reflections on what it really means to be in a Cold War.

Lee J. Russell, 2021.

Chapter 1. How Did World War 2 Lead To The Cold War?
Chapter 2: Cold War Weapons and the Arms Race
Chapter 3: How Cold War Tensions Intensified – Paranoia and the nuclear arms race
Chapter 4: It was MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction – how the Cold War changed the world
Chapter 5: Can We Survive Nuclear War?
Chapter 6: Was there a Cold War, British Military-Industrial Complex?
Chapter 7: Misunderstandings and Errors – Cold War close calls
Chapter 8: How Cold War tensions were intensified through proxy wars between the Soviet Union and the United States
Chapter 9: How Was Espionage Used In The Cold War?
Chapter 10: The Cold War Technological Arms Race
Chapter 11: Current Risks to World Peace.
Chapter 12: Are we already in a New Cold War?
Chapter 13: Can We Survive Nuclear War? – The “Civil Defence Lie”
Chapter 14: Propaganda And Bunker Construction – Perpetuating the myth that you could survive a nuclear war.
Chapter 15: Cold War Bunkers – A comparison of the approaches to the provision of political and military nuclear bunkers in the United Kingdom, United States and Switzerland.
Chapter 16: Civilian Fallout Shelters – types, equipment, survivability
Chapter 17: New Cold War With Russia – How and why Russia used unbadged troops to invade Crimea in 2014
Chapter 18: New Cold War – 21st Century proxy wars involving Turkey, Russia, China and/or Iran
Chapter 19: New Cold War – The state and nature of 21st Century politics (United States, United Kingdom)
British Cold War Aircraft
A Timeline of Significant Cold War Events

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