Hacking attempts continue on my old, mothballed website…

Before I finally close my old “russellweb” domain I thought I’d take a look at where the ongoing hacking attempts are coming from. Given that I don’t advertise this old domain (having moved here) and haven’t posted anything new there for months, activity comes from either bots/indexers or hackers… and hacking attempts are very obvious based on the (non-existent) files they are trying to access.

<= I noticed an immediate increase in hacking once the wave-1 Covid lockdowns started to ease across the globe. This is what the story looked like in yesterday’s log files.

I hope everyone is now using ultra-secure, non-repeated passwords with 2-factor authentication wherever possible. The criminality behind these hacking attempts is obvious – if they’re trying to do this on a small mothballed ‘hobby’ site, what are they doing to sites with full e-commerce capabilities and all of our personal details?

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