Dead Snow

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After three hundred years of conflict, global leaders have deliberately stalemated the New Cold War. They now enjoy the world’s few remaining comforts while the rest of humanity lives in slums outside the huge Mega-Plex buildings, dreaming of their chance to become a `Plex-man.

Then Mertin Dourif, a dead ‘Plex scientist now living on the bio-web, discovers that the stalemate can be broken if a bio-weapon called ‘Dead Snow’ is used against “the ’Commies” in Antarctica…

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Evil Eye

‘Evil Eye’ is book 1 in my new Conspiracy Thriller trilogy starring Lissa Blackwood, a UK Special Investigations Group operative.

In a global conspiracy that begins in World War 2, a terrorist known only as ‘Malocchio’ is now ready to seize power across Europe by unleashing a wave of bio-terrorism that will throw the continent into chaos.

Only Lissa Blackwood can stop him, and time is running out…

This book is currently awaiting editing while I carry on with writing Book 2 in the series.

An End of Beginings

now available from Amazon in e-book and paperback

In 2122 a spacecraft is detected, approaching the Earth from inter-galactic space. Called ‘Charybdis’, it is so massive that its arrival will destroy all life in the solar system.

Only one small group of workers at a mining station on Titan stand a chance of reaching it and finding safety.

Can they find a way to make Charybdis their new home? And what will the the mysterious ‘Pilot’ do if they succeed?

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