I finally read William Gibson’s “Neuromancer”, and it’s awesome!

From my earlier blog on 7/7/19:

There are gaps in my sci-fi reading from about ’83-’85, when I was finishing sixth form studies and starting work, through 2002, when I finished my distance-learning BSc. I’m still making my way through that back-list and have just been BLOWN AWAY by William Gibson’s “Neuromancer” from 1984.

I’d read some other Gibson before, but for some reason had never taken the time to look at his most famous novel – now I have, and it is AWESOME!

‘Neuromancer’ is clearly one of those rare genre-defining works that creates a whole new realm of possibilities in fiction. It presents a beautiful collage of drugs, technology, society, crime, privilege and ‘gritty’ reality that screams MASTERPIECE from its opening words:

“… The sky above the port was the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel…”

The setting of the BAMA, ‘the Sprawl‘ – the ‘Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis, is exciting, dangerous and totally believable… a flawless creation.

The lead character, ‘Case’, is a very human, suffering protagonist, with the rare ability to surf cyberspace as a console cowboy, ‘… a rustler, one of the best in the Sprawl…’ – want to know where The Matrix came from? Read ‘Neuromancer’, it is the true parent of the CyberPunk genre!

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