From 20/8/15: “Great fun at “Sci-Fi by the Sea” at Herne Bay…”

Back on 21st June my brother and I visited the “Sci-Fi by the Sea” convention in Herne Bay… we had a fun day out!

This annual event is organised by local people as an attraction to draw people into the town. There was a lot of interest and the tickets had sold out before the day – luckily I had prepaid, phew!

Many people were enjoying the cosplay and I was very impressed with some of the costumes. There was an excellent display of props and costumes for Dr Who. I find the Weeping Angels particularly creepy and couldn’t resist that piccy…

There were lots of people in Stars Wars cosplay of course! Here are my favourites (I think I annoyed Yoda by being more excited with the Stormtrooper’s costume!).  Fewer people were enjoying Star Trek cosplay but that was more than made up for with this excellent Enterprise Bridge set – how often do we get to sit in Picard’s seat?

My Second Place Award goes to Michael Keaton’s Batmobile.

My FIRST PLACE award goes to this Blake’s 7 Federation Stormtrooper – perhaps I should have shown my ID when asked!

And that was it for 2015 – maybe next year I’ll go in cosplay!

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