Another concept drawing for “An End Of Beginnings”…


Here is a quick drawing from the scene where our group of survivors meet an inhabitant of Charybdis for the first time…

 I’m not a great artist, as the drawing shows, but do I find that sketching things out like this helps me to visualise a scene. At this point the story had reached 50k words. ‘The survivors’ had just entered their first proper chamber in Charybdis and were about to face the challenge of Lust and another death!

In the coming scenes we would see Byrne finally ‘crack’ and be helped in his recovery by ‘Doc Gardner. We’d also see Walczak complete his task of murdering Kaminski despite the fact that the Gdansk mobster who paid him for the ‘hit’ was now long dead, following the destruction of the Earth.

Moving towards the final scenes we would finally meet the mysterious “Pilot” and discover that for the past 13 billion years he has been facing a far greater challenge than our survivors have imagined!

Musical inspiration

Do you listen to music when writing? I don’t like to be distracted when I’m writing and enjoy the feeling which comes when my study is quiet and suddenly I’m really “in the zone” and the story is taking off. This happens most often when writing dialogue, but I have a confession to make… I don’t actually enjoy writing dialogue! Of course, in keeping with the old mantra of “show don’t tell”, this is the most effective way of writing for pulling readers into our stories. Writing dialogue can feel long-winded and slow the pace when trying to build a backdrop for action. It is also hard work, and who likes that?

One way that I have found to ensure I keep engaged when writing is to actively choose background music that matches the scene I am trying to create. I started to do this when I was distance-studying for a degree; I found that the soundtrack to the film Event Horizon was just what I needed. That music was often subdued enough not to detract from my studies but energetic enough to keep me focussed on the task at hand. The soundtrack uses long sequences of fast-paced but subdued drumming that was just what I needed then!

Today I have two science fiction stories on the go: a short story entitled GRIT and a novel-length tale called An End Of Beginnings. GRIT has a folkey,open spaces feel and I am using Jon Boden’s “Songs from the Floodplain” to build an ambience while I’m writing.

‘An End Of Beginnings’ is both the longest and the most complex story I have attempted to date. It is in part a tale of survival, a “road trip”, a journey of self-realisation for the characters, and an opening foray into speculations about cosmology and religion. That is a very mixed bag of over-arching themes and goals!

To stay appropriately focussed two soundtracks are proving very helpful: firstly Jerry Goldsmith’s 2-CD complete soundtrack to Alien – this film is an enduring favourite of mine and the soundtrack stands as an atmospheric masterpiece in its own right.

When I’m not listening to ‘Alien’ I am currently playing either Marc Streitenfeld’s soundtrack to Prometheus (a somewhat coincidental choice) or Marco Beltrami’s 2011 offering from the remake of The Thing – “God’s Country Music” from that album is one of my all time favourite pieces of music.

On other occasions I will choose different musical styles in order to actively develop a particular emotional state for other pieces of writing. Mozart is always uplifting, Ultravox can be energising, whilst “Chant: Music for Paradise” from the Cistercian Monks Of Stift Heilgenkreuz is very calming.

The next time you are writing why not try actively choosing background music yourself?

Harry Potter World – great for the imagination!

In August 2013 we enjoyed a fantastic day at Harry Potter World at Leavesden…

I have become a great fan of the Harry Potter saga; the stories have been a massive commercial success but they’re also very engaging tales! This ‘Making Of’ event is arranged around two “sound stages” that are used to showcase a very extensive display of actual props and sets from the films. We spent a good couple of hours walking around the displays and taking (literally) hundreds of photographs. It is probably true to say that something from your favourite part of the saga will be on show and the atmosphere was wonderful.

There was a comment in the ‘Screenwriting’ section of the tour that resonated with me:

     “The thing about Potter is that it’s very earnest about expressions of things like Loyalty, Courage and Redemption. Audiences were hungry for that.”

I think those themes are always appreciated by both film and book audiences since they talk to basic motivations about behaving well and “good” triumphing over adversity.

I get a real sense of J K Rowling using those expressions honestly in her writing, without it feeling forced or contrived, and that gives the stories a great sense of authenticity, in my opinion. Of course, I’m noting that big hint as something to consider in my own writing!

My favourite parts of the tour included seeing the massive model of Hogwarts that was used in the filming, the sets from the Ministry of Magic and the various creature models. Diagon Alley was interesting but felt a bit odd due to the (understandable) railings running down both sides.

I had a walk across the Hogwarts Bridge, sat in the Weasley’s flying car and drank a Butterbeer – what more could you want? It was fantastic!

Another piece of concept art from ‘An End of Beginnings’

This picture dates from 3rd May 2013:


“The Living Rock Swallowed Fuster”

At this point in the writing my survivors of humanity had been “ingested” by the approaching ship (Charybdis)and were enduring their first real test. Some people were dying while others were rising magnificently to the challenge. They couldn’t afford to lose any member if their crew and any death is a tragedy, but something wonderful was about to happen – I couldn’t wait to see it develop under my pen!

Doctor Who – Series 7 Part 2: “Hide”

I can’t resist sharing this old blog entry from 20th April 2013 – this small scene from an episode of Doctor Who had me laughing out loud:

Dr: “… And ignorance is… what’s the opposite of bliss?”

Clara: “Carlisle.”

Dr: “Yes! Yes Carlisle. Ignorance is Carlisle.”

Wonderfully funny, as long as you don’t come from Carlisle…

So, I decided to try a new blog format…

Welcome to my new writer’s blog!

Back in 2008 I had to abandon a blog I was running on LiveJournal when it was targeted by spammers. I then stopped keeping a blog for a few years in order to concentrate on developing my fiction writing skills. By 2010 I started running a small writer’s website on my own domain (‘’) and for the past 5 years I have maintained a blog there, written by hand in straight css/HTML. It was becoming too time consuming to maintain that blog and in early ’16 I shifted my blogging to Facebook.

What I didn’t realise was that family & friends would get confused about my intentions with Public posts that were intended as my blog record, versus Private posts that were intended for them. So…in order to try and resolve that small problem I’ve decided to give WordPress a try!

So far, so good – WP feels like a good platform and I’m looking forward to sharing news and ideas from my writer’s life here – hope you all like it!