“Smoke Above the Village”

Smoke Above The Village~BurningBMW

I don’t often write poetry but a theme about chav violence wouldn’t leave me alone and eventually this is what emerged:

“Smoke Above The Village”:http://www.russellweb.org.uk/WriteHanded/Documents/Poetry/SmokeAboveTheVillage.pdf

On the way I discovered quite a bit about stupidity and violence, and left behind more than one prejudice about chavs – I still don’t like the violent selfishness of that social group, but I think I’ve come to understand it a bit more…

… and now I’m wondering what you think?

Published by Lee J. Russell

Often having a Cold War influence, my stories explore desperate situations that take people to their physical and emotional limits. Find me on Twitter as @LeeJ_Russell or at leejrussell.com

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