‘An End of Beginnings’ was published on 1st June 2016.

Finally, after 5 years of writing, editing and researching what to do with it, I have self-published this novel. All the learning about how to publish the book with the best chance of success was new to me. I’ve learnt a lot about producing physical copies, cover design, editing and marketing. I found getting toContinue reading “‘An End of Beginnings’ was published on 1st June 2016.”

From 20/8/15: “Visions of the Future…”

  Whilst on holiday in Torbay, on 7th July I visited the “Visions of the Future” exhibition at Torquay Museum. This was a 9-week display of original props and costumes from some of the most famous, modern science fictions films. There were displays from Star Wars, Alien, Predator, Prometheus, Riddick and more. It was greatContinue reading “From 20/8/15: “Visions of the Future…””

From 20/8/15: “Great fun at “Sci-Fi by the Sea” at Herne Bay…”

Back on 21st June my brother and I visited the “Sci-Fi by the Sea” convention in Herne Bay… we had a fun day out! This annual event is organised by local people as an attraction to draw people into the town. There was a lot of interest and the tickets had sold out before theContinue reading “From 20/8/15: “Great fun at “Sci-Fi by the Sea” at Herne Bay…””

From 28/7/15: “Some Thoughts About Societal ‘Culture’…”

A good understanding of past events shapes our appreciation of the present and helps us to make plans for the future… Unfortunately, it seems to me that many people have learnt little from the garbled hodgepodge of History they were taught at school and probably don’t pay attention to contemporary news events. Their understanding ofContinue reading “From 28/7/15: “Some Thoughts About Societal ‘Culture’…””

From 1st Nov 2014 – “Halloween Horror!!”

I saw two of my favourite sci-fi genre films back-to-back at Vue last night: Ridley Scott’s “ALIEN” followed by James Cameron’s “ALIENS”… WOW, what an experience!!   ALIEN made the most lasting, influential, cinematic impression on me as a lover and writer of science fiction.  I first saw it on VHS video in about 1985,Continue reading “From 1st Nov 2014 – “Halloween Horror!!””

From 22/8/14 – “Harbour delights…”

  I’ve said before how much I love walking around Ramsgate Harbour. I find it both very relaxing and exciting, there is always something going on!  Since we returned from holiday in Dorset I’ve seen some interesting things, and enjoyed one marvellous moment of innocent expression which reminded me that not everything is spoiled inContinue reading “From 22/8/14 – “Harbour delights…””

From 19/4/14 – Gabriel García Márquez – died 17th April 2014…

I only discovered Gabo’s writings last year and rapidly fell in love with Macondo and the sumptious insights into Colmbian life that he shared with us. The world is smaller without him but he leaves us with a marvellous mix of tales… I very quickly came to appreciate the sense of post-revolutionary reality that heContinue reading “From 19/4/14 – Gabriel García Márquez – died 17th April 2014…”