I’ve Just Published 3 New Paperbacks…

Life in my day job is very demanding, but over the past week I have just found the physical & emotional energy needed to publish 3 paperbacks with Cold War / New Cold War themes:

“Cold War – How The Cold War Nuclear Arms Race Affected The World” collects together a series of non-fiction articles that I first released on this website.

Paperback copies can be ordered at close to cost price on Amazon UK at this link:

“Black Ops – 4 Secret Missions from the S.I.G. Archive” is a set of short stories based around the UK’s Special Investigations Group that features in my new Action-Thriller series.

S.I.G. are on the front line with…

* Underwater espionage in the Black Sea,

* Cross-border raids into the Ukraine Occupied Territory, and

* The daring extraction of a defecting Russian colonel, code-named Malachite, from under the noses of her FSB handlers.

Paperback copies at close to cost price can be ordered from Amazon on this link:

Set between 2070-2071, the five short stories in this collection explore a fictional road to war and a nuclear attack on the United Kingdom.

The United States and Russia remain ideologically opposed behind arsenals containing thousands of nuclear warheads. But now they also contend with the emergent strength of China as another Superpower, as well as considering the possible actions of smaller powers caught up in the struggle between them.

When tensions run high between the major powers, what would it be like to endure a thermonuclear attack?

It has been fun to finally pull these three books together and I am looking forward to getting my own hard copies from Amazon in a couple of days time. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them!

Published by Lee J. Russell

Often having a Cold War influence, my stories explore desperate situations that take people to their physical and emotional limits. Find me on Twitter as @LeeJ_Russell or at leejrussell.com

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