Irresponsible nuclear propaganda from London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan…

Sadiq Khan at “Green Investment Summit” by Scottish Government – CC BY 2.0 license

On 28/2/22, the online news service “MyLondon” reported that a spokesperson for the London mayor had told them that “… London is well prepared in the “remote” event of Russia launching a nuclear strike on the capital…” — I nearly fell off my chair when I read that.

It is the latest iteration of continuous government propagandising about the survivability of a nuclear attack. However, we know a nuclear attack (for almost the entire population) just isn’t survivable in the UK:

  • There is no programme of nuclear shelter provision for the public in the UK.
  • There is no established programme of comprehensive civil defence for the UK population in the event of a nuclear attack.

Apparently the mayor’s office said that “… London has a resilient and well-established system in place to ensure key agencies work closely and effectively together to keep us all safe – this includes keeping Londoners fully informed about any emergencies.” — This misses the point completely.

A single 1.2-megaton bomb (equivalent to a US B-83 warhead) exploding over London would detonate with a force equivalent to around 80 Hiroshima attacks. Everything within 1 km of the explosion would be vaporised. There would be significant blast damage to 7.5 km, third-degree burns out to 13 km and light blast damage to over 21 km. And it’s likely that London would be targeted with many bombs. Nothing much in London is going to survive that, including the ‘key agencies’ that the mayor says would ‘keep us all safe’.

The UK population generally does not understand the power of nuclear weapons or that, with the country being rather small, there are few places where the immediate effects of an attack could be avoided. Even if the immediate effects were avoided, the after-effects could be even more non-survivable, up to and including the effects of a nuclear winter.

We need to call out these deceptions and lies about the survivability of a nuclear attack on the UK, and share the truth wherever we can – our very lives depend on it.

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