I recently visited the RAF Museum near Watford, London…

from my original blog on 14/9/19:
RAF Museum~080919~Hangar2 The RAF Museum near Watford, London, is an understated gem. Entrance is free (parking cost £5) but the range of aircraft on display is extraordinary!

I found out about the museum when looking up places to visit to learn more about the UK’s Cold War history. This site is not a dedicated Cold War Museum (the The National Cold War Exhibition at Cosford will be my go-to destination for that) but has a number of aircraft from that era on display. This museum has a great display of aircraft from WWI through to the current day. The exhibits are very well maintained and presented, and I was blown away by several of them!

Rather than talk about the full range of exhibits, I’d like to share some pictures from my visit and then encourage you to go and see them for yourself – you won’t regret it!

RAF Museum~080919~WW2
RAF Museum~080919~Victor RAF Museum~080919~Blackbuck RAF Museum~080919~Jets

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