I’ve now printed the first 4 alpha copies of ‘Evil Eye – A Lissa Blackwood Thriller’…

Back in August I announced that I had finished the first draft of ‘Evil Eye’, and like all writers I immediately started work on improving that copy. ‘Evil Eye’ is my third novel and I’m getting used to that process of polishing and embellishing my work, but this time around I was thrown by some unexpected feedback from an alpha reader who said “Nothing much seems to be happening at the start…”

Wow – that really gave me a pause for thought because the last thing I want to do is bore my readers with what should be an exciting story. It was time to get back to work!

I quickly realised that the story was not properly structured and whilst plenty of exciting things were happening, they were not in the right places. I took the novel apart, scene by scene, and then reordered the entire manuscript in line with the 7-Point Story Structure:



  • Hook
  • First Plot Point
  • Pinch Point 1
  • Mid-Point
  • Pinch Point 2
  • Second Plot Point
  • Resolution

For more about this approach to structuring a novel take a look at this link.

It has taken me 4 months to restructure ‘Evil Eye’ and I am very pleased to have taken the time to do it because the story is now much stronger!

I had the pleasure of printing the first 4 updated copies for my alpha readers today – 3 copies arPrintingTheEvil Eye~FirstFullDraft~281218e already allocated and I’m hoping to get some more helpful feedback before the manuscript is edited next year.

Evil Eye~FirstFullDraft~281218



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  1. Your Lissa Blackwood thrillers look like they will be an exciting and interesting read. Especially as they are set in the UK. I’m going to look at your 7 point structure.. may be I should be applying that. Reading about your new book is does honestly sound like it will be a good read!


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