Completed the first draft of ‘Dead Snow’…

I finished the first draft of ‘Dead Snow’ on New Year’s Eve 2016 – that’s exactly one year after finishing ‘An End of Beginnings’! I’m now at the embellishing/polishing/formatting stage and am aiming to publish in 2 months’ time.

Although this novel was ‘completed’ 1 year after AEOB, the writing only really got going in Jun ’16. I’m excited to see how quickly I’ve managed to complete ‘Dead Snow’, especially as I’m planning to produce 2 novel next year: the first will be a Brexit-based espionage-thriller, and the second will be a literary novel. I’ve spent years ‘learning the craft’ of writing through the lens of sci-fi, and I’m looking forward to writing in 2 different genres on 2017.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Often having a Cold War influence, my stories explore desperate situations that take people to their physical and emotional limits. Find me on Twitter as @LeeJ_Russell or at

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