“X-Minus 1 radio dramas…”


Between 24th April 1955 to 9th January 1958, NBC broadcast a series of half-hour sci-fi radio stories under the title “X-Minus One”. These were small-cast productions, not just a narrator reading out loud, and the quality is often pretty good. The collection includes some classic stories from well known writers and I have 3 particular favourites:

a) “Nightfall” by Isaac Asimov (#28 in the playlist I’m about to mention) – although the reading by Steve Eley episode 100 of Escape Pod has more passion, in my opinion

b) “A Gun for Dinosaur” by L.Sprague de Camp (#41 in the playlist) – I love the very uptight English accent of the protagonist

c) “The Roads Must Roll” by Robert Heinlein – a wonderful blend of social rights & politics

There is a collection of 122 shows on YouTube, they’re well worth a listen if you’re interest in Golden Age sci-fi radio drama

Published by Lee J. Russell

Often having a Cold War influence, my stories explore desperate situations that take people to their physical and emotional limits. Find me on Twitter as @LeeJ_Russell or at leejrussell.com

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