Another piece of concept art from ‘An End of Beginnings’

This picture dates from 3rd May 2013: “The Living Rock Swallowed Fuster” At this point in the writing my survivors of humanity had been “ingested” by the approaching ship (Charybdis)and were enduring their first real test. Some people were dying while others were rising magnificently to the challenge. They couldn’t afford to lose any memberContinue reading “Another piece of concept art from ‘An End of Beginnings’”

Doctor Who – Series 7 Part 2: “Hide”

I can’t resist sharing this old blog entry from 20th April 2013 – this small scene from an episode of Doctor Who had me laughing out loud: Dr: “… And ignorance is… what’s the opposite of bliss?” Clara: “Carlisle.” Dr: “Yes! Yes Carlisle. Ignorance is Carlisle.” Wonderfully funny, as long as you don’t come from Carlisle…