“How I Learned to Live with Climate Change”…

“How I Learned to Live with Climate Change”

DroughtPhoto~shrinkOn 8/12/18 the BBC reported that “Attempts to incorporate a key scientific study into global climate talks in Poland have failed”

– these talks are known as “COP24”, the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
– see the BBC article here.

Apparently delegates to the meeting were shocked when representatives from the US, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Kuwait objected to this meeting “welcoming” the report. I am astounded that COP24 could not accept the IPCC’s work and enable mitigation against the effects of Climate Change to proceed. This essay and accompanying poem are my personal response to this complete failure of governance by these global leaders, who should now be hanging their heads in shame.

=== image: “Cracked Mud: California Drought” by Tyler Bell, CC BY 2.0 license, from flickr.dom

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